Simple Maintenance Tufted Office Chair

Jan 15th

Tufted Office Chair – The cleaning and maintenance of this type of spaces must be conceived as a whole, in which none of the elements or surfaces can be ignored or forgotten. It is a space in which many people live daily, hiring a professional cleaning company has many advantages. Among them ensure proper maintenance of all areas of your workspace. And, in an office, cleanliness is a very important factor when creating an appropriate work environment.

First of all, we should start by removing the dirt and dust accumulated all week in our tufted office chair, both on its surface and inside. For this, we will use a vacuum cleaner that will help us eliminate dust in the backrest and seat of the chair. If the chair is upholstered and requires a thorough cleaning, it must be uncovered to wash both the filling and its fabric.

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Use a screwdriver to remove the wheel from your office chair and remove dirt, lint, hair or other elements that may hinder its movement. Then, clean them with a cloth. We must not forget to review the joints of all the parts of our tufted office chair. Using a compressed air cleaner first and then a damp cloth to finish removing all the remains that may remain. We hope that with this article you have learned how to perform a proper cleaning of office chairs.

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