Perfect Chrome Coffee Table

Jan 15th

Chrome coffee table – Sometimes it is enough to put a sculpture in the corner of your table and that’s it, you can also put two objects on top of each other, of different dimensions. As for example a couple of books and then a candle over them. This will give a minimal style where the table alone will be the protagonist.

Group the decorative objects in trays is practical to clear the surface of the table in the blink of an eye, is ideal for chrome coffee table that do not have enough space or if you want to place several small objects on top, it is best to group them all in a single tray, so your table will be full of style and orderly (eye that with a tray enough and left over).

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If there is something that came to stay this season are the succulents, these plants that are very easy to maintain is the perfect choice for those who prefer to omit the flowers, but want a little natural inspiration, on the chrome coffee table. The candles, candlesticks, boxes and crystals are perfect to give height to your table and break the line they have in conjunction with the chair.

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