Installation 60 Ceiling Fan

Jan 17th

60 ceiling fan is a mounted electrical appliance usually installed when an armature would normally be placed. The airflow from the fan can be controlled by changing the velocity or direction of the blades ceiling fan, which usually has a diameter between 40 and 60 inches. Installing a ceiling fan is a bit more committed than installing a faucet, but it is still covered by most DIY homeowner’s abilities

Unusual 60 Ceiling Fan
Unusual 60 Ceiling Fan


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Make sure the electric fields that your fan will be attached can support the importance of 60 ceiling fan. If you are not sure about your electric fields, an electrician has to check it out before installing the fan. Turn off the power to the electrical circuit the fan will be connected to on the main switch box. Test the wires from electric fields in the ceiling with a no-touch electrical tester to ensure that the power has been plugged in the correct circuit before the fan installation.

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Attach the ceiling attachment bracket to the electrical box with the screws that came with the box. Pull the electrical wires from the box through the center hole on the bracket and tighten the screws. Fish the cables from the 60 ceiling fan engine assembly through the down rod and the roof trim cover. Push the rod into assembly on the top of the engine assembly. Push the lock bolt through the hole in the engine assembly and through the down bar to attach the rod to the engine. Clip the scissors to the end of the lock bolt to secure the pin.