Give a New Character in Black Round Coffee Table

Jan 15th

The black round coffee table is much more practical and versatile than you think. But if you still do not know what to put on or how to give a new style, with the following tricks will be the center of all eyes. To start, you have to choose the right table. It has to be provided with the measurements of our living room and with the size and height of our chairs so that everything looks in order. Now all you have to do is choose 3 or 4 objects and your table will look like new.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers! It is a must of our black round coffee table, dare to give a new character with large flowers, ideal to be natural flowers such as hydrangeas (which already begins its season), if the arrangement is artificial must be of good quality. The flowers look good in any style, but glass tables are very useful for this type of decoration. It is ideal to put a large vase and then you can play with some smaller vintage wave crystal.

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Are you a collector of old things or cannot you leave out that favorite animal that is everywhere in your house? Well it is here where you can put all your style and create on your black round coffee table small collections and go putting different thematic corners. For example now that the stones are full you can put quartz of various sizes and colors.